Ketonix Breath Ketone Analyzer

1 Breath Ketone Analyzer
Reusable Breath Ketone Level Analyzer that provides painfree ketosis testing with no strips required. The device indicates your ketone production by analyzing your breath, it can be used more than a 1000 times, and there is no need to purchase strips every month.
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Breath testing for ketone levels and ketosis [1]

      • Pros:
      • Reusable Breath Ketone Level Analyzer provides painfree ketosis testing
      • No strips required
      • Indicates ketone production by analyzing breath
      • Can be used more than a 1000 times
      • No need to purchase strips every month

      Ingredients Concern:  None discovered

      Cons:  Requires power source as no battery is included. This device may require 30-40 minutes to warm up and connect to the software. It is fairly reliable and it is often recommended to combine this reading with another form of ketone testing.

      A Breath Ketone Analyzer is the most affordable option in comparison to using reagent strips for urinalysis or blood testing, and the measurement is somewhat reliable although it is often recommended to combine this type of reading with an additional form of ketone testing [1-3].
      Breath testing for ketone levels and ketosis [1]
      The Breath Ketone Analyzer, measures a ketone called acetone, which is produced by the enzymatic decarboxylation of acetoacetate (AA), and acetone is largely exhaled unused [1-3].

      Key Ingredients:  Ketonix Breath Ketone Analyzer

      All Ingredients:  Ketonix Breath Ketone Analyzer; Ketonix USB Cable; An extra mouthpiece; A manual and a perfect KETONIX zipper pack (15 cm X 10 cm X 5 cm) NO BATTERY INCLUDED; Can plug into any USB Plug in Adapter

      Every test should begin with a initialization, e.g a plug-in and let the device be in "disco mode" until blue steady light. When exhaling into the mouthpiece, the exhale should be at least 15 seconds. Do not make a deep inhalation before the exhale. A good test is when you exhale until there is no more air possible to exhale. Indicating Acetone PPM.
      These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
      1. Urbain P, Bertz H. Monitoring for compliance with a ketogenic diet: what is the best time of day to test for urinary ketosis? Nutr Metab (Lond). 2016;13:77. 2. Musa-Veloso K, Likhodii SS, Cunnane SC. Breath acetone is a reliable indicator of ketosis in adults consuming ketogenic meals. Am J Clin Nutr. 2002;76:65-70. 3. Prabhakar A, Quach A, et al. Acetone as biomarker for ketosis buildup capability - a study in healthy individuals under combined high fat and starvation diets. Nutr J. 2015;14:41.
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