To help you improve your well being by providing a curated marketplace with products verified to be clean, effective and proven by science.

Products that are Safe

  • Low hazard ratings on Environmental Working Group
  • Mostly good customer reviews
  • Ingredients of concern are low and listed on each product page
  • Natural & organic products are preferred when available

Products that work

  • Research supporting ingredient claims are shown on the Results section of each product page
  • Products with no benefits are excluded from web site
clean wellness enlighten your mind

Enlighten Your Mind

Learn from the latest, most innovative and comprehensive knowledge with diverse experts from all over the world on how to age well and live better. Each topic is supported by research and studies from the top scientific and medical journals. Clean Wellness does not support advertisements and therefore does not have any advertiser influence or bias. Our goal is to help you stay healthy and age well with the most effective information.

clean wellness cherish your body

Cherish Your Body

Discover the most effective, safe and healthy products & solutions. Learn how to keep your body disease free and age gracefully. Ingredients of concern are listed to help you choose the best products for your body. Products with moderate or high toxic ratings by EWG are not featured on Clean Wellness. There are plenty of non toxic products that really work today so its time to make a switch to healthy and create a global detox movement.

clean wellness fulfill your soul

Fulfill Your Soul

Empower yourself to heal your mind and body through helpful tips and advice. Engage with recommended tools to enhance your spiritual growth. Note that many ailments and diseases of skin, hair and nails can be rooted in your psychological well being and your soul's happiness. 

Enlighten Your Mind

We want to help you. And, we want to help the world through insightful knowledge. We know that a lot of information on the Internet can be lacking of research, science, wisdom diversity of expertise. We also know that there are several major websites that are influenced by advertisers to provide biased information. Our goal is plain and simple - we want to give you the best information to help improve your well being (mind, body, soul). We want you to gain the most valuable knowledge from credible sources. In return, we want you to share your thoughts and help inspire enlightened social change.