Havasu Nutrition Saw Palmetto Extra Strength

100 Capsules
Extra strength saw palmetto supplement for urinary, prostate, and hair growth support. This powerful supplement is made in the USA, each batch is tested in a ANS state-of the-art facility, and it is 3rd-party tested to validate potency and purity.
Best For
Hair, prostate, and urinary tract health [1-4]

      • Pros:
      • Highly absorbable, extra strength saw palmetto capsules for enhanced prostate health, urinary tract support, and hair health
      • Targets urgent need to urinate, frequent nighttime urination, weak stream, and trouble emptying the bladder
      • Blocks DHT activity
      • Promotes healthy hormonal balance
      • Targets DHT-induced hair loss
      • Each bottle undergoes robust testing of the raw materials and the finished product to test for microbial heavy metals, chemicals, purity, and the concentration of the ingredients
      • Gluten-free
      • Non-GMO
      • NO preservatives, chemicals, artificial ingredients, or sugars

      Ingredients Concern:  None discovered

      Cons:  Individuals who are pregnant, nursing, have a serious medical condition, or take prescription medications should consult a physician before use.

      Havascu Nutrition
      Saw Palmetto targets a substance that is associated with hair loss known as dihydrotestosterone (DHT) [1, 2]. The ability of saw palmetto to disrupt DHT activity also promotes a healthy prostate and urinary tract, making it beneficial towards targeting the frequent or urgent need to urinate, increased urination throughout the night, weak urinary flow, or poor bladder emptying due to an enlarged prostate [3]. Taking this herb also enhances the immune system's ability to target prostate infections and it appears to disrupt prostate cancer cell growth [4].
      Hair, prostate, and urinary tract health [1-4]
      A hormonal imbalance may cause certain enzymes such as 5-alpha-reductase to begin to convert testosterone in men into a stronger substance called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Increased DHT levels leads to the accumulation of a thick, dandruff-like substance called sebum. Sebum can clog the roots of the scalp, which can subsequently disrupt nutrient transport to the scalp and hair follicles, thereby leading to hair loss. In addition, if the levels of DHT become too high the body struggles to break it down and DHT can start building up in the prostate. Saw Palmetto blocks DHT activity, thereby preventing the buildup of sebum and hair loss [1, 2]. Furthermore, saw palmetto berry extract has been shown to promote the shrinkage of the inner lining of the prostate in men who are experiencing symptoms of an enlarged prostate by promoting an optimal hormonal balance [3].

      Key Ingredients:  Saw Palmetto Berries (Powder); Saw Palmetto Berries (Extract) (45% Fatty Acids) - 500 mg

      All Ingredients:  Saw Palmetto Berries (Powder); Saw Palmetto Berries (Extract) (45% Fatty Acids) - 500 mg; Gelatin (bovine); Vegetable magnesium stearate

      Take one capsule daily preferably with a meal or as directed by your healthcare provider.
      These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
      1. Marcoccia D, Georgiev MI, Alipieva KI, Lorenzetti S. Inhibition of the DHT-induced PSA secretion by Verbascum xanthophoeniceum and Serenoa repens extracts in human LNCaP prostate epithelial cells. J Ethnopharmacol. 2014;155(1):616-25. 2. Rondanelli M, Perna S, Peroni G, Guido D. A bibliometric study of scientific literature in Scopus on botanicals for treatment of androgenetic alopecia. J Cosmet Dermatol. 2016; 15(2):120-30. 3. Gordon AE, Shaughnessy AF. Saw palmetto for prostate disorders. Am Fam Physician. 2003; 67(6):1281-3. 4. Yang Y, Ikezoe T, Zheng Z, Taguchi H, Koeffler HP, Zhu WG. Saw Palmetto induces growth arrest and apoptosis of androgen-dependent prostate cancer LNCaP cells via inactivation of STAT 3 and androgen receptor signaling. Int J Oncol. 2007; 31(3):593-600.
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