Ayurvedic Mouthwash by Auromere

Ayurvedic mouthwash with 23 herbal extracts and 9 essential oils for optimal dental hygiene. This gentle formula is potent enough to target bad breath, plaque, and gum irritation.
Best For
Dental hygiene [1]; Supports healthy teeth and gums [1, 2]; Harmful microorganism and plaque removal [3, 4]

      • Pros:
      • Natural mouthwash for optimal dental hygiene with 23 potent Ayurvedic herbal extracts and 9 essential oils
      • Vegan
      • Cruelty-free
      • Non-GMO
      • Fluoride-free
      • Alcohol-free
      • Sulfate-Free
      • Vegan
      • Paraben-Free
      • Gluten-Free
      • Soy and Corn-Free
      • No Saccharine or Artificial Sweeteners

      Ingredients Concern:  Clove;Cinnamon;Acacia arabica bark (babul)

      Cons:  Ingredients such as clove, cinnamon, and acacia bark may cause an allergic reaction in some individuals.

      Auromere is a company that deems themselves the Ayurveda People. They're owned and operated by a non-profit Integral Yoga ashram in Northern California. They make products from wild-crafted herbs and minerals and employ local village communities in India for production. Note that 10% of all Aurom‚àöre profit is given to support the development of the eco-conscious City of Human Unity in Auroville, South India.
      Neem targets plaque and gum inflammation (gingivitis) [1]. Furthermore, neem mouthwash helps maintain oral hygiene by preventing dental decay as well as the spread of plaque/gum inflammation [3]. Neem is frequently used as an active ingredient in toothpowders and toothpastes [4]. It has also been used as an oral deodorant, a tooth cleanser, and a toothache soother [4]. Peelu is commonly used for oral hygiene as it helps control plaque, gingivitis, tooth wear, and bleeding gums [5-7]. Cinnamon, clove, menthol, and fruits such as pomegranate and jujube have anti-plaque, anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial properties [9-12]. Xylitol targets dental caries and plaque buildup, especially when it is used regularly [13].
      Dental hygiene [1]; Supports healthy teeth and gums [1, 2]; Harmful microorganism and plaque removal [3, 4]
      Neem has antibacterial properties that have been shown to target gram-positive and gram-negative microorganisms [1, 2]. In addition, neem has targets plaque and gum inflammation through its anti-oxidant, astringent, anti-viral, and anti-inflammatory activity[1-4]. Peelu contains silica, which acts as natural chlorine that whitens and removes tartar and stains [6, 7]. In addition, Peelu contains tannic acid and Vitamin C which have astringent properties that reduce gingivitis and plaque, as well as sulfur that helps keep the mouth clean [5-8]. Cinnamon, clove, menthol, pomegranate and jujube (which contain vitamin C) have antioxidant properties that target free radicals and other substances that may lead to dental problems [9-12]. Xylitol reduces the occurrence of dental caries and reverses the early caries process by lowering the level of microorganisms in plaque and saliva [13].

      Key Ingredients:  Neem (azadirachta indica)

    • Peelu (salvadora persica)
    • Clove
    • Menthol
    • Xylitol

      All Ingredients:  Purified water

    • glycerine (from vegetable oil)
    • hydrogenated castor oil
    • xylitol (from birch bark), essental oil blend: [anethol, menthol, eucalyptus, mentha arvensis, mentha piperita, mentha viridis, geranium, cardamom, clove]
    • indian licorice root, herbal extract blend: [peelu (salvadora persica), neem (azadirachta indica), pomegranate rind, common jujube, rose apple, clove, persian walnut, barleria prinoitis bark (vajradanti), indian almond, bedda nut, asian holly oak, prickly ash, zanthoxylum alatum, sappan wood, catechu, bengal madder, acacia arabica bark (babul), sarsaparilla, cinnamon, medlar bark, mayweed, bishop's weed].

    • Use about 1/2 capful of mouthwash after flossing and brushing with Auromere Ayurvedic Toothpaste or after meals for in between refreshing. Swish around in the mouth for one minute or longer, or use it as a potent gargle and spit it out when finished.
      These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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