CapillusPro Mobile Laser Therapy Cap for Hair Regrowth

1 unit, 272 5mW laser diodes
Wearable device designed to treat hereditary hair loss through laser light therapy
Best For
Hereditary hair loss
Ingredients of Concern
272 non-invasive low-level laser diodes

      • Pros:
      • Prevents hair loss progression, restore thinning hair due to genetics
      • Daily treatments take just 6 minutes
      • Comes with a carrying case and universal adapter for travel
      • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
      • FDA-cleared
      • Flexible, comfortable fit
      • Handmade in the USA

      Ingredients Concern:  None

      Cons:  Takes 3 months for hair to appear
      Laser therapy has not been clinically tested on darker skin types
      May not work for non hereditary hair loss
      Will not fit heads with a circumference larger that 24 inches
      Device must be used daily indefinitely, or results will be lost

      Study shows increased hair count in 16 weeks in 95% participants (1)
      Hereditary hair loss
      Low level lasers stimulate hair follicles, which may reverse the miniaturization process which causes hereditary hair loss. As a result, laser therapy may result in hair growth.

      Key Ingredients:  272 non-invasive low-level laser diodes

      All Ingredients:  272 non-invasive low-level laser diodes

      Wear for 6 minutes each day under a sports cap. Do not exceed recommended usage.
      These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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