NORLANYA Radio Frequency RF Skin Lift Anti-Aging Device

Home radio frequency device with photon light therapy to help improve sagging skin.
      • Pros:
      • Skin tighten, skin firming, wrinkle reduction,

      Ingredients Concern:  None

      Cons:  Results vary, skin sensitivity, pricey

      Use with cord. Turn on system and Choose function and energy level by pressing M button. Apply water based gel or lotion on skin, fully place the two RF tips on skin and move device over skin to do treatment.1. Water-based gel/cream is required. 2. Clean skin before treatment. 3. Move the device over skin all the time during treatment. 4. Please adjust energy level from low to higher until skin feel acceptable warmth. 5. Energy level should be smaller when using on eyes, nose and bony area.
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