Bon Ami Polishing Cleanser Powder

14 oz (400 grams)
America's original non-scratching multi-purpose powder cleanser for all types of surfaces. This hypoallergenic product is a powerful cleanser made from renewable coconut and corn oil that absorbs odors, leaves surfaces looking polished, and is gentle enough to clean any surface.
Best For
Multi-purpose cleaner (Home/Car/Office) [1-4]

      • Pros:
      • Powerful, hypoallergenic, earth-friendly, multi-purpose powder cleanser for the kitchen, bath, cookware, and more
      • Cleans and polishes all types of surfaces
      • Absorbs odors with baking soda
      • Potent cleaning powder, yet gentle on hard surfaces
      • Non-abrasive, non-toxic formula cleans without scratching
      • Safe for ceramic tiles, granite, chrome, stainless steel, porcelain, brass, and copper
      • Made with renewable corn and coconut oil
      • Biodegradable ingredients
      • Rinses off easily
      • No harsh chemicals
      • Chlorine-free
      • Perfume-free
      • Dye-free

      Ingredients Concern:  Feldspar

      Cons:  Caution: Contains Calcium Carbonate, In case of eye contact, flush thoroughly with water, Keep out of reach of children

      Limestone (calcium carbonate) is a well-known scrubbing agent that is added to certain cleansers [1]. Alkyl Polyglucoside is a mild, nonionic surfactant that is frequently added to cleansers due to its detergency and wetting properties [2]. Sodium carbonate has anti-microbial properties that support proper cleansing of various surfaces [3]. Sodium bicarbonate is well-known for its ability to help polish various surfaces, including silver and it neutralizes bad odors (e.g., mildew) [4].
      Multi-purpose cleaner (Home/Car/Office) [1-4]
      The main component in limestone is calcium carbonate, which is a base substance that helps neutralize as well as remove impurities and pollutants [1]. Alkyl polyglucoside is soluble, biodegradable, and highly alkaline, thereby promoting exceptional detergency (cleansing), low filming and streaking, and easy rinsing [2]. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), sodium carbonate is found naturally in soil and water, it does not appear to cause adverse effects on wildlife or contaminate water, and is therefore, considered green [3]. The antimicrobial properties of sodium carbonate make it a beneficial additive to cleansers and it is environmentally (e.g., fish) friendly in low concentrations, and it is a strong alkali base that is often added to green cleaning products due to its wide range of uses that include a microbicide, pH adjuster, fungicide, and herbicide [3]. Sodium bicarbonate has a high acid content that provides neutralizing properties and it is also a buffer against decay [4].

      Key Ingredients:  Limestone (Calcium Carbonate), Alkyl Polyglucoside (Biodegradable Cleaning Agent), Soda Ash (Sodium Carbonate), Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate)

      All Ingredients:  Limestone (Calcium Carbonate), Feldspar, Alkyl Polyglucoside (Biodegradable Cleaning Agent), Soda Ash (Sodium Carbonate), Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate)

      Wet surface. Sprinkle on Bon Ami. Rub with wet sponge or cloth. Rinse.
      These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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