Rosita Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil Softgels

90 soft gels
A Norwegian cod liver oil that is fresh, raw & handcrafted from wild livers using a patented heat free method.
Gel caps: Made of fish collagen

What's in It 417mg of Omega 3 (195 EPA + 143mg DHA)
Ingredients of Concern


Purity Tested: Passes tests for low levels of contamination from lead, mercury, arsenic, PCBs, dioxins Verified by Eurofins

  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free
  • Dairy-free
  • Soy-free
    • Pros:
    • 1260 IUs Vitamin A 127 IUs of Vitamin D (naturally occuring)
    • Independently tested to be free of toxins
    • No synthetic vitamins added, uses only fresh, wild-caught and raw cod, natural antioxidants Omega 3 EPA and DHA
    • Produced in small batches from Wild Cod sustainably harvested from the Pristine Waters of Norway
    • Dairy free means no milk derivatives
    • Cod livers are extracted through a rare, "heat free" process that is a generations-old technique that naturally releases the oil from the hand-picked livers (with water at temps akin to the ocean).
    • Rosita uses healthy livers from freshly caught cod
    • This company holds a patent involving the rare use of a natural substance from the ocean that binds to contaminants in the oil, followed by gentle filtering which reduces contaminants without changing or damaging the oil's rich nutrients. (Most cod liver oils detroy the Vitamins A & D in the process of using over 300 degree heat and then they add it back in synthetically.)

    Ingredients Concern:  None

    Cons:  Pricey, non-returnable; Packaging is not double sealed (company says it is safe)

    Rosita is a family company born in the remote areas of northern Norway, with husband-wife team Bengt Svensson and Kari Hanne Nyland. The Rosita family comes from a long line of fisherman and currently Lars Akeroy is their head fisherman. Rosita's flagship product is the Rosita Cod Liver Oil which is derived from codfish in the pristine Norwegian fjords. The oil is extracted from the livers of the fish in small batches using an ancient method that requires no heat or mechanical devices. This allows the integrity of the fatty acids and vitamins to stay intact. The company's mission is to provide sustainable pure supplements to support people throughout their health journeys. Sample nutrient testing results can be found on their web site.


    This is a great cod liver oil because no heat is used in the extraction process. However soft gels do not contain the same strength as taking a tablespoon. Therefore, for a higher level of strength, simply purchase the Rosita Cod Liver Oil as opposed to the soft gels.


    As this cod liver oil is tested by Eurofins, one of the most reputable third party laboratories in the world, there are no safety worries here. Every batch is tested for contamination from lead, mercury, dioxins, pcbs, arsenic and more. Rosita cod liver oil passes the contamination test and posts the results.


    Naturally ocurring vitamins should absorb more readily into your body rather than synthetic vitamins that are added back into many cod liver oils. However, the levels of EPA and DHA are much lower than just taking the liquid by tablespoon. There are also other omega 3s that have much higher levels of EPA and DHA.

    Wild & Raw Extra-Virgin Cod Liver Oil (plus traces of rosemary herb & natural vitamin E as antioxidants).
    Take 3 softgels daily. - Keep bottle in room temperature ( 58 degrees - 78 degrees). Cold temperatures over prolonged periods of time can increase permeability of the gel and so they should not be refrigerated or frozen. - Do not refrigerate. - The oil must be kept in dark storage. - Shelf life: 3 years from production date
    These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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